Zehrs Flyer - 12/26-01/01/2020

zehrs food lovers unite the new year sale sale previously frozen 5.99 ea or boneless striploin grilling steak usda select grade beef or higher ready for a fresh start? we've got fresh deals real simple veal simple blancs ready crisp please see online or in-store for full holiday store hours natural bacon naturel or schneiders bacon selected varieties natural bacon naturel orbinai avocados product or or cremini mushrooms multi less than 4 $1.39 ea must buy december 26 only! bacon lance delissio gusto pc old-fashioned style bacon thin crispy flatbread pizza dustillantes selected varieties frozen patch cara cauliflower each product of caramelized onion flatbread varamelises buct of gout route must buy st hubert tex mex ate a poulet chicken pot pie ianes dete cooked black diamond go wild argentinian shrimp per ring frozen rest of week december 29 sale save $4.70 ntnu pub style chicken strips suns dicentine janes pub style breaded chicken selected varieties frozen toshitos star gara nest pure life nestlé pure life water qounds bondes wild blueberries bleuets sauvages origin chuches four philadelphia satural spring voerende breyers souro creamery style multi fen yard less than 2 $2.99 ea soos pc natural spring water philadelphia cream cheese selected varieties breyers creamery style ice creamor selected varieties frozen cheemo perogies wal coosi odcini cranberry mottu ciamato mus 50 ans cola cola mccain superfries coca cola cocacola mott's clamato juice gardencocktailor ocean spraybeverages or cocktails selected varieties coca-cola or pepsi soft drinks selected varieties mccain superfries selected varieties frozen assorted varieties hot or chilled available in the great to go department let's chat in the new year book a free 15 minute chat with your in-store dietitian

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