Zehrs Flyer - 08/27-09/02/2020 (Page 11)

en canada fron devents optimum august 27 - celebrate with lay's & pepsi hockey's in-store for redemption restrictions pts karlo lays back! that's like s6 in points for every $20* spent on selected varieties pepsi peps on the lipton brisk brok subs tucat isdad peach lay zero zero zero $4.99 ea pepsi soft drinks lipton iced tea brisk iced tea selected varieties 710 ml gatorade what's for dessert? earn in the car save in the cart decadent pc pure decadent eadini vanilla extract pc the decadent chocolate chips ledecadent esso mobil maple d'érable pc maple marshmallow less than 2'299 ea optimum all purpose ps all-purpose flour case is a trademark of imperial of lime perill cente mobile a trosemark of bron mobil corporation stone wali pertal oilsee ed under scene black diamond det dipps combo proudly canada chewy black diamond combo 1299 selected vanities less than 3 $2.98 quaker granola bars black diamond cubes 280 selected varieties quat daorces wirts harvest crunch harvest crunch" cereal 2196 less than 2 $3.99 ea quaker alat dar quaker cereal quaker instant oatmeal back to learning black diamond natural cheese sticks 2529 selected varieties flack président machliin that's like $4 in points optimum for every $12 spent on quaker granola bars president selected verties black diamond or shredded cheese 3209 selected varieties bak diamond hazelner pack lun into their day new kraft no palm oil with cocoa minions caramilk unlock the secret cole win thebe oreo kraft hazelnut spread christie cookies crispers enter unique codes in pace et caramilk.ca mazelnen voisettes crackers 1958 caramilk selected varieties low in saturated fat dentyne dentyne sota derin 88€ de cadbury ingles ingredients so simple kraft al natural peanut butter only only nolago christie cookies பொசையமான aattaa coral spm gum bottles 40.60pspod blant and try the command hand canada unwery lc reserved peints ports you could spell them with emojis selected wie that's like $1.50 in points kraft peanut butter 1 kg kraft jam 500 ml proudly prepared in canada optimum for every $6* spent on crispers selected varieties must be a optima member see terms & conditions in-store for redemption restrictions

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