Calgary Co-op Flyer - 12/27-01/01/2021 (Page 2)

happy new year wild lobster claws & arms previously frozen also available at full service seafood counters ocean wise fresh mussels 21b bag farmed product of p.e.1 new year's nibblers for your small gathering ocean clear ocean bacon wrapped scallops 260g frozen go green breaded shrimp appetizers cale sarys cale garys cale! garys shaw black cale garys tiger suas for our turi cal & gary's large fruit & vegetable trays made fresh in-store off cal & gary's dips made fresh in produce off cal & gary's black tiger shrimp 340g frozen best car from the west koukoung koukound cale so cal & gary's stuffed mushrooms kaukana cheese balls assorted varieties garys made fresh in produce fairview sausage rolls assorted varieties home 699 martinelli non-alcoholic sparkling juice 750ml select varieties price cut made smuk in-store cales garys cal & gary's black forest cake founders farmers founders & farmers tubbies assorted varieties sonoma price cut sonoma com chlants am cheddar smoked oysters nett- courants am parmesan com smokidoostis summer fresh dips assorted varieties mclarens • sweet gherkin sonoma cheese crisps • 649 • select varieties or olives clover leaf smoked oysters • 85g • select varieties 375ml select varieties sweet selections sized for your family same great selection sized for your family charcuterie trays grab 'n go made to order sweet selection dessert trays select varieties made fresh in-store select varieties holiday brunch ideas from julie vanrosendaal

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