Calgary Co-op Flyer - 06/17-06/23/2021 (Page 3)

value pack value pack meat chicken split chicken wings ль pork loin centre chops bone-in 100% western canadian value pack ль best from the west value pack only beef alerta top sirloin grilling steak cut from canada aa beef or higher99 prime julised on canadlan fer lesen value pack raised when anteriotice maple leaf prime rwa chicken thighs boneless skinless only alberta beef cal & gary's eye of round roast cryovac sealed for maximum flavour and tenderness cut from canada aaa beef lean ground beef ground fresh daily cale garys aaable boys johnsonville value pack johnsonville only alberta beef job seavie read starters prita-cummer beef hip minute steak fast fryk aged 14 days cut from canada aa beef or higher johnsonville dinner sausage or ground previously frozen ль prepared in-store by your local butcher - grill & oven ready also available at full service meat counters marinated pork belly skewers 100% western canadian only alerta beef gourmet all beef burgers 6oz or sliders maple bacon or backyard mushroom made in-store daily chicken breast kabob with vegetables 100% western canadian alb sockeye salmon fillets value pack first catch pacific snapper fillets available at full service seafood counters wild season wild seafood sole fillets available at full service seafood counters wild best from the west green ocean bay scallops 300g frozen green ocean wild huk web wts der ocean kallos ntne nanuk smoked sockeye salmon lox 170g frozen white raw prawn skewers previously frozen available at full service seafood counters go green ocean wild argentine shrimp ring 425g frozen only alberta beef.chicken.lamb only alberta only at calgary co-op

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