Farm Boy HALLOWEEN 2021 Flyer - 10/28-11/03/2021 (Page 7)

talk about fresh! value is 100% guaranteed gala apples canada extra fancy grade product of canada not your average small potato are a premium variety that is typically thin-skinned sweet tommy mangos local little potato company little comp sweet seedless boomer navel oranges gold product of chile purely purple comnani the little potato co creamer potatoes product of canada large avocados product of mexico dry pint pkg medley tomatoes canada no.1 grade product of canada fresh white mushrooms whole or sliced product of canada rainbow sweet bell peppers product of canada coe local local local bag crunchy fresh celery product of usa carrots or onions product of canada aromatic fresh basil product of israel local basil basilic bunch bag farm boy organic deglet noor dates product of tunisia organic leek bunches canada no.1 grade product of canada organic lemons product of argentina organic deglet noor dates local please visit for a full list of store addresses to find a location near you!

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