Farm Boy Flyer - 07/30-08/05/2020 (Page 3)

pantry staples & fridge favourites farm boyτμ bagels farm boyτμ sea salt or sweet & salty popcorn save $0.49 ea all varieties save $0.49 ea farm boytm hamburger or hot dog buns farm boytm old fashioned kettle cooked potato chips every day low price sea sal potato cha farm boytm frozen fruits perfect in your favourite summer drink recipes! berry blend sweets salty popcorn liberté greek yogurt all varieties save $1.50 ea fentimans botanically brewed beverages all varieties neal brothers bbq sauce all varieties save $0.99 ea riviera petit pot yogurts all varieties save $1.00 to farm boyτμ flavoured tortilla chips select varieties save $0.50 ea opote neal neau irothes the liberte green local daryl's bars illy performance protein bars gourmet coffee all varieties all varieties save $0.49 to save $4.00 ea $0.99 ea sol vegan burgers all varieties rise organic kombucha all varieties save $0.65 ea farm boytm carbonated mineral water natural or lemon espresso vegan gluten free organic earth island vegan slices flow alkaline spring water all varieties save $0.32 ea walter craft caesar mix all varieties save $3.00 ea farm boyτμ organic pickles all varieties all varieties save $2.00 ea silk plant based beverages all varieties save $0.80 ea coconut silk mond mozzarella flow low walter walter silk marca cheddar vegan local organic vegan fresh from our chefs bake shop farm boyτμ blueberry yogurt loaf cake short time also available traditional made in store sourdough bread pita chips all varieties save $0.50 ea or roasted garlic & pepper farm boyτμ 8" peach raspberry crostata brimming with summer fruit! limited time only baked fresh daily cheese buns or sticks pkg of 4 sticks or 6 buns farm boytm garden fresh pickles from vine to store in under agentes out why our fans love them all varieties farm boy farm boy caprese salads mixed salad greens washed and ready summer classic to customize farm boyτμ mixed salads many of your salad bar favourites in convenient grab-and-go packages all varieties farm boy organic hummus or tunisian vegetarian organic

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