Food Basics Flyer - 07/30-08/05/2020 (Page 2)

always more for less first of the season fromage cheese butter t local for less meet the love locals local for less for less we've got a lot of love for local for less we love cheese! home to a rich history of award-winning made with fresh milk from ontario's very own dairy farmers love local for less st-albert white cheddar selbert curd cheese we love cheddar local for less this week only each for gay lea 100% canadian butter milk gay lea sweet bicolour corn butter selected varieties we love gay lea local for less canadian butter milk salted each love local for less durada norfolk we love premium local for less each each yellow plums nestlé real dairy ice cream 152 novelties - 123 fresh dill cucumbers selected varieties litvilo limes we love un saltede هایی با مهم تر neste morfolk orumstick rench limes lemons limes each grandmother's bake shoppe butter tarts og this week only alus mus each alphonso mango aujuice or alphonso fruit drinks selected varieties we love local for less we aljuice pomegranate all stores open mo see local store or get ready to save! great prices start on ti each real resverage real fruit beverage em fmul1fmul1fmul1v4 fb2f82fb2

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