Food Basics Flyer - 07/30-08/05/2020 (Page 4)

meet the locals for less rsaine searts potager cau jaime this week only eddie this week only each cauliflower product of canada canada no 1 grade romaine hearts product of canada field tomatoes product of ontario canada no.1 grade bunch radishes product of canada this week only baby cucunters love local ins each for less this week only green beans product of ontario mill creek farm peas product of ontario mill creek farm mini seedless cucumbers product of ontario this week only each sweet rasforestres each cultive au peaches product of ontario this week only this week only ontaris each each portobellini mushrooms product of ontario fuito conchib produce driscoles mangoes product of mexico pint blueberries goldenberries organic blackberries kach stron canon clementines clemcentier this weex only this weex only this week only avocados clem rodiktofveco or colombia bag of song clementines produkt of south africa or uruguak 23 bag pink grapefruit product of south africa his bag california bartlett pears red or green seedless grapes product on usano 1 grade average whole seedless watermelon produkt os usa or canada rose alstroemeria bouquet this week only orchids in pot this week only this weex only kach

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