Foodland Flyer - 08/15-08/21/2019 (Page 2)

3lb bag sweet vidalia onions product of georgia 3 lb bag prepared in-store free of equal or lesser value prepared fresh bbq grillers selected get your arom your grillon potatoes product of usa jumbo golden ripe pineapples product of costa rica foodland organic foodland local ontar local product of ontario product of ontario compliments organic portobello grilling mushrooms foodland local granny smith apples product of south africa or usa extra fancy grade pre-ripened avocados product of mexico product of ontario pint prepared fresh pint blueberries product raspberries product of usa compliments green leaf or romaine single leaves free of equal or lesser value prepared fresh yogurt cups pistachios kaners pick ontario local wonderful pistachios planters peanuts 2 kg outdoor fall mum 9.5" pot anthurium assorted colours in 5" ceramic pot grown in ontario taste of country bouquet bakery; available at most stores fresh fruit flan baxed in-store buy1 at $3.49 buy 4 or more artisan ciabatta 3" fruit-topped cheesecakes or tarts sweet & fruity bonus miles new bagels ona com trifle fresh fruit or chocolate dulce buy 1 at $2.29 buy 2 or more compliments or compliments balance hot thins buns 8 pk small bar cakes great gift idea! foodland gift cards can be any amount a2 a2

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