Fortinos Flyer - 11/04-11/10/2021 (Page 2)

natural roasted pistachios ib salted or unsalted becel solid light tuna in olive oil thon pale entier allessia neilson solid light yellowfin tuna thon pale entier à nageoires jaunes dans le dove no pulp sans pulpe tropicana trop50 tropicana juice selected varieties tropicana rio mare or rizzoli tuna selected varieties rio sara mare selected varieties solid light tuna in olive oil sha mr noodles restant noodles nulla meat lasagna lasagne viande maggi persil gla purex proclean ncoc indian flavour es when 2xultra original lis chicken instant noodle soup 85 selected varieties coins snuggle ded clean world of flavours butter chicken image poulet au beurre saveurs du monde pc entrées selected varieties mammo each each value packl-format économique ben's original red rose ben's original sumcan bis the ben's original bisthe *** basmati rice terriers orance pekoe vegetable medley melange de legume rizdasman fjerrien bistro jasmine rice riz jasmin simply dipped walla oreo ciffe ghimice ܐܪ lemon asuid ltural war perrier sparkling water all varieties nestlé or cadbury novelties spasio classico gioia espresso coffee 250 g or red rose tea 60's selected varieties ben's original bistro express rice each each ܕܩܠܐܐ low sodium annies mesville hot garden stix batonnets aux legumes du jardin taco club soda cara அத almonds amandes shells & white cheddar annies guides et by pasta with yummy here cola annie's macaroni & cheese selected varieties party peanuts pc world of flavours or loads of potato chips selected varieties each pc chocolate & egg nog or raisins selected varieties pc soft drinks all varieties this product is printed using vegetable-based inks fort back pefc

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