Fortinos Flyer - 11/04-11/10/2021 (Page 4)

pears are a versatile and under-utilized fruit traditionally eaten out of soups and desserts • ripe pears are aromatic with • best stored at room temperature but watch closely as they ripen quickly bartlett one of the oldest varieties bartlett's are thin skinned with sweet taste and a juicy bite with a greenish yellow skin eating pear mascarpone the velvety rich flavour and texture is a great accompaniment with bosc bosc pears are elongated with the flesh is creamy white baking as bosc pears retain their shape and don't turn mushy parmigiano reggiano is perfect with the sweet taste of bosc pears d'anjou the traditional pear appearance with a smooth skin that is either pc® brie this classic french brie paired with anjou's sweet bite is great on foodland ontario het helt abate fetel yellowish blushed skin and white pear is edible including the seeds rocha speckled skin and a sweet fragrant white flesh asian brown aromatic with floral notes organic small in size but big in flavour! great for kids lunches!

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