Independent Flyer - 10/22-10/28/2020 (Page 3)

food lovers unite independent your independent grocer sirloin tip oven roast or marinating steak cut from canada aa or usda select grade beef or higher sale save at least $2.50 lb poptimum members only offers october 22 - 28 cod xachefort cu super soft gore ultra doux bar pork side ribs whole medium ground beef family size pc bathroom tissue club pack member price non-member price bacon honey barbecue au miel pc blue menu chicken breasts or pc chicken thighs pc bacon selected varieties blackberries or raspberries honeycrisp apples product of smokiny stampede fume po pc bbq pork back ribs becel becel satted member price non-member price gaylea butter gay lea butter or becel plant based brick selected varieties salted doritos vallowcow trot sms fresh atlantic salmon portions 113 g or naend limit valloween treat sms tex mex regular maneno farmers tatur debeestache white blanches cascam tsprcouctos canon proout ou cavea black diamond medium - m-p frito lay halloween treat packs selected varieties canada farmer's market" russet or white potatoes black diamond or pc cheese selected varieties member price non-member price pepperon thin x crispy mnce et croustillante green giant mus koka fun size mens shigkers gvox ristorante but gourmet west coast dark roast green giant sweetler peas petites joies twix men mars canadr peaches & cream qooqo dr oetker ristorante or casa di mama pizza menu thin & crispy or selected varieties frozen pc gourmet roast and selected varieties green giant vegetables selected varieties 88€ mars fun size chocolate treats

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