Independent Flyer - 10/22-10/28/2020 (Page 4)

red kidney beans independent food lovers unite treating you to a free spooky halloween mask when you spend $25 on any product from our great-to-go counter while supplies last dei rib your independent grocer activia activia mix & scod match or $3.49 ea tropicana becel margarine selected varieties danone activia yogurt 8x100 g selected varieties feld raw crues detiques multi becel original wonder d'italiano harvest becel sam smoked hele societe silmik sumon sockeye slovade fome kicking horse assimo sorte sunlight purex kicking horse organic ground or whole bean coffee selected varieties scent booster 439 g selected varieties selected varieties 150 g frozen pc burgers selected varieties frozen ice cream ichapmans canadian planters pero sales cashews mccain superfries multi real ree original planters breyers euro everything amy dami assic vanilla selected varieties and breyers classic frozen dessert 1.66 lor klondike no name bagels 4's or chapman's canadian collections 6-8's selected varieties 6's unico original originale unico shreddi hellmann's classic chick peas multi o's real vraie hellmann's mutti less than 2 $3.49 ea tomtoa rusi ranch unico beans or chick peas selected varieties post cereal selected varieties hellmann's salad dressing 475 ml selected varieties mutti sugo or passata 398 ml selected varieties nosta nestlé pure life watel pure ufe sos multi multi boost ensure ensure gain ensure cascade cort spring you source selected varieties pc natural spring water drinks 6x237 ml or boost protein+shake double pts exclusively at earn faster esso mobil optimum this weekend october 23-25 ot esso ond mobil stations during offer period we reserve the right to in quantities to reasonable family requirements yig e back

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