Independent Flyer - 05/21-05/27/2020 (Page 4)

butcher ontario ontario maple lodge chicken breast 3 pack or chicken maple lodge striploin grilling steak ontario corn fed canada aa grade beef or higher fresh ontario ontario locale foo farm l'ontario chicken poulet mule loge ontario fresh chicken kebabs selected varieties eye of round oven roast or cut from certified ontario corn fed canada aa grade beef or higher split chicken wings family size grandes poek gesig cotes de dos de porc por st hubert swiss chalet gratin poulet et brocoli chicken arbroccoli gratis nes and porklaces odos ponc quoise swiss swiss chalet chicken pot pure pate au poulet butcher's choice sausage selected varieties pc world of flavours seasoned pork kebabs selectedwarrettes fresh swiss chalet or montana's pork back ribs selected varieties fully cooked st-hubert or swiss chalet meat pies selected varieties frozen fish market menu rainbow trout truite arc-en-cel green ocean wild menu wed aesentinian wild sockeye salmon saumon sockeye sauvage www sanaces uargentine canada fresh atlantic salmon fillets club size green ocean wild argentinian peeled and deveined saunares wild argentinian jumbo pc blue menu salmon or trout fillets selected varieties frozen msc fresh icelandic cod or haddock fillots bakery farmer's market loaf or farmer's market" butter buttro cadnts farmer's market" muffins selected varieties 6's cool uk unes gros morceaux com hostess rullager rubschlager king dons marble tyti seigle marbre ace funi раск yamusant rubschlager bavarian rye seigle bavarois hoopies party multi new rubschlager mar sino mon pack ace gourmet burger or sausage buns selected varieties 4's rubschlager rye bread selected varieties hostess snack cakes selected varieties fresh seafood items subject to availability

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