Independent Flyer - 07/16-07/22/2020 (Page 4)

souveau mus independent food lovers unite your independent grocer mily tamiralo buy 4 get july 16 - 22 buy 2 get lays that's like $1 in points bear pa bold'n baked craque extra exquis lays pattes de crack classic classique ketchup chedda macho cheese dare crisps crackers selected varieties that's like $2 in points lay's potato chips selected varieties pferdere verre derfor erreko black diamond lactantia der black diamond salted butter natural fresh flak big white wonder marble marbre d'italiano fresh churned butter mix & match original selected varieties lactantia butter selected varieties sirp klondike aquasta wild keta salmon natural top lor dogs looked-cuites beefless real vante undeniable burger breyers wwe shrimp crevettes bandes de more sale save at least $2 family plants based classic schneiders redhots vanilla pc undeniable plant-based beefless burger frozen 400 g or maple leaf top dogs original or schneiders red hots wiener lays lays miller's pride classic classique menu ench free plum-prunes barisan sale multi ketchup 100% whole wheat ble entier 100% ser moncho vinner save $1 multi less than 2 $249 ea white all-purpose flour english muffins anglais euf miller's pride white all-purpose flour betty crocker hamburger helper or mashed lay's potato chips selected varieties pc or blue menu english muffins selected varieties 6's five campodli quaker quaker chunky povitih oos chunky kellogg's kellogg's two scoop flakes raisin br campbell five che frosted chicken noodle dipps alive astro original netinuno claw chowde audre de palourdes durant optimum alkas powe satural yobow caramel nut campbell's chunky soup orange juice or five alive citrus beverages 1.75 l selected varieties selected varieties quaker dipps or chewy granola bars selected varieties kellogg's family size cereal selected varieties pops nestlé pure life water nestle pure life loreal garnior olia gain gon multi multi less than 2 $2,49 ea less than 2 $4.99 ea gain spring preference pc natural spring water selected varieties selected varieties selected varieties each we reserve the right to lint quantities to reasonable family requirements yig e back

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