Metro HOLIDAYS 2021 Flyer - 11/18-12/15/2021

metro new potato tots loaded bouchées pommes terre garnie cauliflower bites bouchées de chou-fleur irresistibles battered cauliflower bites 4939 sauce included les hors-d'oeuvre tempura shrimp crevettes tempura this holiday season enjoy our exclusive flavours irresistibles tempura shrimp frozen mini cheesecakes er 15 irresistibles new york style trio cheesecake bites exclusive to metro artisan cheddar irresistibles artisan old white cheddar cheese aged 2 years bile organic whip up a hot festive drink eggnog hot chocolate bomb click here for full recipe naturalia original des maple maple wable carbonated spring water eau of source gazeifiee syrup egg nog classic egg nog dark tart gingerbread irresistibles egg nog selected varieties irresistibles naturalia tortilla chips 3259 or life smart salsa 430 ml selected sizes selected varieties irresistibles carbonated spring water selected varieties irresistibles or life smart organic maple syrup selected varieties

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