Metro Flyer - 12/02-12/08/2021 (Page 4)

farm fresh produce csmic crisp from grap extra large red or green seedless grapes large black seedless grapes raspberries 10 prooot of usa dr medico blackberries 1909 product of medico large cosmic crisp apples fresh florida clementines clementines for clementines 20 product of morocco clincenturies large seedless navel oranges product of spain south africa large red grapefruits product of usa clementines red mangoes product of bran kiwi baskets 6006 product of italy or greece juice santa claus or canary melons proouct of brazil fresh florida mon vanilla persimmons case proouct of spain juicing oranges product of usa lemons 20 meyer lemons 10 seasonal favourites canada sunny title supra fruit dellike rasa de luxe dried figs figues seches nog organic fresh cranberries jumbo chestnuts product of italy sunny fruit dried figs irresistibles gift baskets 2.315 sweets saltymi irresistibles snacking trays coated fruitesuts7009 product of canada sliced & diced made in my metro produce gala party size cracker creare lisa organic apples biologique pommes organic gala or granny smith apples 25 store made deluxe fruit salad organic blueberries 1709 store made bento kits canada organic-biologique carottes de biologiques organic coloureda little potato company organic coloured nantes carrots the little potato company organic creamer potatoes usd store made selecido tarieties pumpernickel tray with dip nunc

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