Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 08/01-08/07/2019 (Page 5)

pink salmon saumon rose fresh pickerel fillet msc pink salmon fillets 2 per bag go basa fillets save up to 5.01 lb president's choice le choix du président seal ouest rawcrues king crab flavoured wap aske suvai seaquest king crab or lobster flavoured alaska pollock flakes or leg style pacific white shrimp crevettes blanches du pacifique zipperback white raw pacific shrimp pc shrimp hors d'oeuvres selected varieties breaded uncooked butterflied shrimp crevettes en papillon pando non curtes w20shek club size atlantic lobster tails thawed for your convenience from the service grill ready pributache cooked-cuites peeled decals pacific white shrimp crevettes blanches du pacifique lata classe toilet clarion gosses parmantn loads of spinach & parmesan salmon burgers pleins de epinards et parmesan burgers de saumon de l'atlantique pc raw grilling zipperback shrimp gigantico grilling raw zipperracks shrin crowettes des a contact pc cooked peeled large pacific white shrimp fresh atlantic salmon steak subject to availability from the service case pc loads of atlantic salmon see back page for flyer details

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