Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 02/25-03/03/2021 (Page 3)

free from free from bone-in picnic roast cryovac package brand slam proudly ours vir filom mplements pepparelles seed pork shoulder blade barbecue pc world of flavours marinated pork roasts selected varieties palette apore gadison wwe natural choice turkey or chicken breast selected varieties del service case sliced pc free from deli or pepperellos selected varieties 10°c club size lmmus hummus save 1.00 save 1.00 save 1.02 cabbage rolls macaroni & lasagna or shepherd's pies selected varieties pc mini muffins selected varieties pc'gluten- free cake selected varieties goo pc mini hummus or spinach dip foodlond farmer's farmer's market yellow onions 10 lb no.1 grade or sweet potatoes sib of ontario market sweet potatoes patates douces délices farmer's market butter croissants du marché club size amico dost icon peppers corn gala bag farmer's market royal gala or mcintosh apples product of ontario canada fancy grade farmer's market muffins selected varieties 6's saueberry farmer's market sweet peppers product of mexico zigeus teatrala seaquest adnice wand ziggys ziggy's roland sale save 4.00 ziggy's salads selected varieties seaquest colossal raw white shrimp frozen seal seat quest ziggy's frost buy scallopa moncles de bu king crab flavor double creme brie aurk boyal club size uggy's fromage feta en maumure ziggy's feta cheese always seaquest cooked salad shrimp bay scallops green- lipped half shell mussels ziggy's double cream brie cheese save up to 3.98 seaquest flavoured alaska pollock ready to eat seal guest ziggy's se les dones gane peu desc sliced pepperoni tranol cooribe ziggy's sliced pepperoni wild haddock fillets filets d'aiglefin sauvage save up to 1.00 see back page for flyer details

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