Sobeys Flyer - 05/16-05/22/2019 (Page 3)

complemente scardions boss turkey rose air-chilled canadian raised ✓ grain fed one steak ticket mis compliments boneless turkey roast with cranberry stuffing 1kg family size sensations by compliments chicken sensations by compliments bison steak 224g fresh pork loin sterling 34lverc veal scallopini or sterling silver is superior best of the highest grade of beef for succulent texture maximize tenderness and richness of flavour family size family size cut from canada aaa beef sterling sterling silver sirloin tip oven roast or steaks cut from burgers all 'round certified tender sterling silver top sirloin medallions cut from canada aaa grade beef chuck edc depal family size the canadian medium ground chuck bacon & cheddar the canadian medium ground regular ground beef ground in-store daily how to carve beef tenderloin perhaps the most prized cut of economical way to treat yourself to the most succulent and tender steaks and roasts available remove the loose fat from the outside with your fingers use a sharp knife to cut off attached pieces of fat chain in stir-fry or pasta connective tissue that must be removed starting about linch from knife under one end and keeping your knife angled tenderloin to remove it the cleaned tenderloin can into steaks or roasts and can be sliced and used in pasta dishes long weekend” quick & easy zippak fume double smoked wiss chalet pallers trio country maple ser goue acon schneiders butcher cut butterball turkey bacon or piller's breakfast trio bbq pork back ribs componente morning honey boyo boz burgers eeeee command comune burgers crispy homestyle chicken the kes bous weslewe compliments wings or rib tips the keg prime rib burgers or pork back ribs compliments homestyle crispy chicken 1 kg morningstar farms burgers harvest veggie spicy black bean or mediterranean better enroll at not a collector yet? enroll today and start enjoying the benefits of the air miles® reward program today! rewari a3 a3 a3

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