Thrifty Foods Flyer - 04/30-05/06/2020 (Page 4)

meat sterling silver quality • aged to tender perfection • carefully sourced and hand-selected beef cross rib or blade roast sterling silver canada aaa grade beef on sale per lb thrifty kitchens fresh chicken cordons product of surrey selected bc fresh whole roasting chickens product of surrey bc fresh organic chickens product of abbotsford on sale on sale on sale we pick each we pick first litchen we pick first first from your organic fresh pork back ribs product of western canada fresh lamb shoulder chops western canada thrifty kitchens fresh sausages on sale on sale on sale we pick per lb per lb per lb patcherg fresh turkey thighs product of western canada fresh ground chicken thighs product of surrey olymel bacon regular or applewood fresh pork belly product of western canada bacon on sale on sale on sale on sale we pick per first piller's turkey bites or mini pepperoni maple lodge farms chicken wieners grimm's smoked sausage rings or smokies selected sobre piller's maple lodge turkey bales piller's maple leaf prime chicken raised without strips antibiotics wings or prime schneiders wings ham mozzarella raised without antibiotics on sale prime chicken strips the original eacon & chedda pepperoni chicken wieners saucisses fumees de poulet on sale on sale on sale usna bonus each each when you thrifty foods

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