Walmart Flyer - 04/15-04/21/2021 (Page 4)

always low prices singles singles catelli catelli carden select carden select tir meritabilitate original dan original save now! save $1 save now! save $2 catelli garden select pasta sauce was 1.97 kraft singles was 4.97 news the origmal aylmer aylmer oreo loriginal bear paws bear paws sandwich cookies towe svetom chocolate chocolate chipsi ahoy price cobur disal bosna rollback save 70€ aylmer soup christie cookies was 2.97 men bear paws cookies selected varieties and sizes or 2.97 each bay bar delissio helly choice qur singles individuelles source delissio perpenon thin crispy mincs cirisirlanie rollback save 53¢ rollback save 1.01 healthy choice gourmet steamers delissio thin crispy crust or single-serve pizza was 4.97 yoplait source or creamy 16-pack yogurt was 6.28 mccain hashbrowns rissolées kraft new! mccain kraft peanut butter or hazelnut spread பாயா smooth crémeux save now! save 24¢ mccain crinkle cut or regular fries or hashbrowns was 2.17 colecar old uutch old uutch restaurante bex gjerry's magnum rip hall baked truffle truffe rollback save $1 old dutch chips selected varieties and sizes ben & jerry's ice cream tubs or magnum novelties varieties and sizes was 5.97 our finest orange juice or 2.97 each campodli campbells tostatos new! chicken broth bovide poulet tostitos new rounds rondes restaurants dyos bold more melange intense campbell's broth tostitos tortilla chips frito lay multipack printed in canada items and prices available at walmart stores in canada only and only for stores in the distribution area of this printed on pefc april 1st walmart

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