Walmart Flyer - 06/25-07/01/2020 (Page 4)

tes look in-store for canadian meat beef cut from 100% canada aaa angus beef canadian farm-raised chicken canadian farm-raised pork canadian beli porc canadie prime larsen burger without coachman wners dans bed bunga de boedd multi maple leaf prime raised without antibiotics boneless chicken breasts multi larsen original or coachman weiners great value beef burgers assorted varieties or 4.47 each or $12 each natural bacon naturel marcangelo italian sliced meats product of varieties maple leaf fresh breakfast or dinner sausages maple leaf or ready crisp bacon each idtimales janes great new! great value frozen family pack appetizers assorted varieties kaltri bese meatballs boulettes de viande au bout wings claat bbq janes ultimates wings frozen pack bothwell cheese slices variety pack assorted varieties forty- villaggio sliced bread hot dog buns 6-pack or hamburger buns 8-pack villaggio villaggio kimberley's canada day mini cookies and two-bite cupcakes baked in-store wcb pizza buns pans pizza halo cut sur place brownies your fresh market pizza buns your fresh market" tarts each two-bite brownies tub everyday essentials in new! great valuo bbq pork back ribs meat protein fully cookid scanned great value fully cooked ribs rollback save $1 côtes de dos de porc barbecue 38% de prones de viande extremen cuitesanaisonnier was 7.97 boursin boursin cheese assorted varieties notre-dame brie or l'extra camembert cheese product of quebec brie agrikane notre dame ale neres garlice e hers rollback save 1.79 rollback save $1 was 5.76 was $6

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