Walmart Flyer - 07/30-08/05/2020 (Page 2)

style always low prices sripack ciover teaf kellogg's vector kellogg's minis wheats! light tuna maten clover leaf chunk light tuna skipjack waters kellogg's premium retail cereal assorted varieties and sizes rollback save 1.52 save now! save 50€ clover leaf core or flavoured skipjack tuna assorted varieties and sites each was 1.47 was 4.96 heinz iseriouslyi good oikos original msi miracle whip gold seal wild pink salmon hood's source thor save now! save $1 rollback save 40c gold seal boneless skinless wild pink salmon kraft miracle whip mayonnaise 675 ml source or yoplait 16-pack or oikos greek each was 2.97 was 5.67 cavendish flavour crisp cavendish cranberry cel zero zero zero premium frozen potatoes assorted varieties and sizes rollback save 90€ each was 3.87 ocean spray cocktail assorted varieties rollback save 47€ was 3.44 gatorade assorted varieties rollback save $2 pack was 5.97 hungry man hungry man simply orange simply nutella rollback save $1 seach was 3.97 nutella rollback save $1 hungry-man frozen entrees assorted varieties rellback save 800 was 5.77 simply orange juice or lemonade or gold peak tea was 5.47 great ago mini chocolate chip miniatures aux peptes de chorolat great value bulis-eye great value waffles or pancakes great value kids' cookies assorted varieties diana or bull's-eye bbq sauce assorted varieties and sizes rellback save 1.70 each was 3.17 new! bcn labore almond folgers med vegetables légumes red rose classic roast ocerode cool almond great value almond beverage great value frozen vegetables assorted varieties folgers ground coffee coffee k-cups 12s or red rose tea 2165 umlov sogg move bude printed in canada items and prices available at walmart stores in canada only and only for stores in the distribution area of this flyer cvc pefc printed on july 20th walmart

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