Walmart Flyer - 12/02-12/08/2021 (Page 4)

always low prices gaylea sour cream original redbath redpath went golden yellow suc cassonade dore gaylea sour au cream low fat dark brown sugar cassonade foncée daci rellback save 90€ rollback save 1.50 redpath brown sugar was 2.87 gay lea sour cream was 3.47 fit bowls qikos silaha oikos oos prairie stouffers bowl fulls dikos all potent flour enerere ofte che chine oikos or light & fat free yogurt prairie all purpose flour was 4.97 rellback save $2 rollback save $2 stouffer's fit bowls or bowl fulls frozen entrees was 4.97 or 4.27 each cet parlour green giant ghanr vert bece! becel battery kate meniane parloud mall parlour plant based ots dipped des becel original rollback save 64€ rollback save 1.50 nestle frozen parlour tubs 1.5 l or novelties was 3.97 becel margarine was 5.97 green giant frozen vegetables selected varieties or 3.47 each mocha tes caramel hich neu nescafe nescafe sweet & creamy sweet & creamy sed philadelphia dips philadelphia dips gill pole chion nescafe save now! save $2 save now! save 2.30 philadelphia dips was 4.97 nescafé sweet & creamy was 6.97 wondertus bus cola coffee ogange coffee aloe mate mate pistachios rollback save 91€ rollback save $1.50 great value soda wonderful pistachios was 5.88 coffee mate liquid was 5.47 family size format familial crispers cheesy mix melange au fromage creamy crunchy butter peanue butte all dressed assaisonnes bold mix melange intense crispers family size crackers nature's nuts natural smooth peanut butter frito-lay multipack perc printed in canada items and prices available at walmart stores in canada only and only for stores in the distribution area of this flyer pefc printed on november 19th walmart

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