Zehrs Flyer - 10/17-10/23/2019 (Page 3)

l"zehrs chicken breasts or thighs skinless fresh the dollar event look for new prices all over the store october 17 - 23 maple leaf or schneiders crispy buffalo chicken burgers frozen 800 g selected varieties sale save at least $1 sale save $1.99 lb natural bacon naturel originale pork tenderloin farmers markets délices pu marche fresh rainbow trout fillets here oranges farmer's market english cucumbers 3's product of mexico oranges 3 lb product of south africa canada $ ob $2 ea hungry-man kraft kraft pure ristorante singles kraft sale save 99€ heez nestlē sale re life save $1.75 whiz smooth crémeux selected varieties selected varieties frozen kraft singles processed cheese 410g or cheez whiz 450 g selected varieties nestle pure life water activia "activia tropicana becel orige bounty ichelinas nescafe 100n pure natural sale wichtiche tide save 59€ kraft dinner macaroni & cheese 2259 selected varieties selected varieties beads 162 g selected varieties or bounty paper towels 2-5 rolls select-a-size sensodyne whitening form mm or twin campbells campbells jeon colgate sensitive log mushroom - champignon jamieson pro-relief sale save up to sale omega-3 des prohealth select save 40c bonus hoe 59€ mars fun size assorted chocolates or poligrip selected varieties and sizes jamieson vitamins or supplements selected varieties and sizes noodle or vegetable soup the baby event check out our digital flyer on zehrs.ca for a 2nd week of great baby offers!

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