Calgary Co-op Flyer - 05/28-06/03/2020 (Page 5)

meat only alberta beef only alberta beef only only beef only alberta beef alberta turist without only perirta lamb falshtast & top sirloin beef simmering short ribs grilling steak value pack value pack aged 14 days aged 14 days cut from canada aa alb cut from canada aa beef or higher beef or higher pork loin sirloin boneless chops value pack 7lb 100% western canadian marinated pork back ribs also available at full service meat counters outside round oven roast aged 14 days cut from canada aa ль beef or higher chicken breast back attached value pack and air chilled peppered top sirloin grilling steak maple leaf best prime rwa prime aged 14 days cut from canada aa from the beef or higher ground chicken west also available at full service cleve meat counters sans ль lamb shanks cryovac fresh mussels atlantic salmon fillets product from p.e.i farmed value pack also available at full service seafood counters pickerel fillets frozen 4549 yellow fin tuna loin or steaks previously frozen also available at full service seafood counters wild wild fin inomundo alaskan unomundo nanuk sockeye snow crab wild argentine argentina shrimp qevettes salmon maple imitation raw shrimp ges dargentine nuggets meat frozen 150g frozen 9079 са soak the plank for at least 30 minutes to prevent charring oliveri tal bacon naturel olivier olivieri ready crisp fresh pasta marum racon nature maple leaf bacon or ready crisp bacon beef sausage previously frozen from the natural janes janes top beef burge west dogs pud style pud style chicken strips janes pub style breaded chicken & maple leaf chicken wings harvest beef burgers top dog wieners frozen 9079 mitchell's smoked freybe sausages pepperoni sticks cornish game hens ль 500g select varieties frozen seafood meat best host natural top dogs ikana pregler will pepperoni pepperoni mitchells pizza tonight delicious all the fix'ins to have a pizza party at home in one place look for it in the deli area loc

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