Calgary Co-op Flyer - 06/17-06/23/2021 (Page 6)

bengal spice wake qurner silk chewy almond silk stal balta dipps almond grocery "rodgau bal done caram silk non-dairy beverage select varieties celestial tea select varietes quaker chewy or dipps granola bars select varieties rio triscuit triscuit eclif eclif sausalito emo ibuilders 20 over pleasures stoned wlins ibuilders 20 proteie stoned wheat thins or triscuit crackers select varieties dare simple pleasures or pepperidge farm cookies clif protein bars select varieties price cut dutch crunch mid noortja powered do arrested sale cweb otang pepsi kool aid or crystal light liquid water enhancers select varieties coca-cola or pepsi soft drinks select varieties old dutch crunch potato chips select varieties powerade beverage select varieties bay cecilie dairy bicy milk weynards soui patc maynards dairy milk unte jello jello jello vibes wired dentyne betty crocker cake mixes or frosting select varieties jell-o jelly powder select varieties • cadbury or nestle family bars maynard's bagged candy select varieties trident or dentyne gum bottles • select varieties jet-puffed best urnoodles snack pack mtx west snack mr noodles snack pack honey dole chuo dole fruit bowls jet-puffed marshmallows select varieties hunts snack pack pudding or gels select varieties gramma bee's honey 750g or camp 100% pure maple • syrup 375ml instant noodles • 859 select varieties best best founders farmers long grm we long grais from the west from west ons founders farmers larmi how daamira prego shake bake lasagna good sas founders & farmers long 4 for gfor grain rice white or brown 907g or golden dragon sauce select varieties newman's own dressing 350ml or shake 'n bake select varieties founders & farmers lasagna • prego pasta • sauce 645ml select varieties cattle boyz bbq sauce • 490ml select varieties best founders farmers te the west winez texas srenz frank diced tomatoes heinzl aloha heinz friences en beans crisco heinz bbq sauce 475ml or tabasco hot sauce 57ml select varieties french's classic yellow or specialty mustard select varieties humble & frank sauce • crisco oil 1.42l select varieties founders & farmers tomatoes • or heinz beans • & pasta 398ml select varieties rendez herolz taco taco del pass tortillas buf herdes la grille herdez herdez old el paso taco kilar son taco herdez old • el paso taco shells or tortillas • refried beans 398ml or pickled • jalapeños 250ml select varieties old el paso seasoning mix • 249 • select varieties herdez salsa select varieties • la grille seasoning or spices or rubs 200ml select varieties see in-store for details wk33-pg.6

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