Calgary Co-op Flyer - 06/17-06/23/2021 (Page 7)

price tcut cashmere ultra32 cashmere ultra 313 palmolive dish soap or scotch brite dishwand or scouring pads 4's select varieties cashmere bathroom tissue double 12's select varieties household & pet laundry detergent mega pack mega format aas milk-bone energizer pup peroni mga tao mga format temptation aaar temptations wonder doubledy energizer energie clump &seal சிகா ப day milk bone or pupperoni dog treats select varieties whiskas temptations cat treats select varieties arm & hammer cat litter select varieties energizer batteries select varieties off colgate al pantene pantene pantene dial colgate sensitive dial dial colgate pantene shampoo & conditioner select varieties dial liquid hand soap 221ml select varieties colgate total advanced toothpaste • 120ml & sensitive pro relief • 75ml or essentials charcoal • 1 pack select varieties health & beauty dove mitchum "in resa gere dane ooh மெமான scope scope for ogx shampoo & conditioner or body wash & lotion 577ml select varieties dove or mitchum deodorant & antiperspirant • 45.96g or dove & degree dry • spray 1079 select varieties crest scope mouthwash il select varieties faat there awanan & hes silves sthes lotion & body wash select varieties hawaiian • tropic sunscreen or • tanning oll after sun moisturizer 480ml select varieties edge & skintimate shave gel or cream baby & pharmacy one a day pampers cruise one aday funtstoni gammes boost women men boost pampers chen one a day pampers diapers super econo pack select varieties • select varieties boost meal replacement goodnites baby baby poise porin pull-ups poise baby polysporin polyst huggies pull-ups giga pack 56-74's or goodnites select varieties baby gourmet food • select varieties polysporin topical ointment select varieties poise pads or liners 44-48's select varieties best we have over 2400 local products to choose from and the community from the west exclusive for me offers load shop save wards wk33-pg.7

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