Calgary Co-op Flyer - 05/06-05/12/2021 (Page 4)

chicken thighs value pack & air chilled rib eye grilling steak cryovac sealed for maximum flavour and tenderness cut from canada aa beef or higher meat all co-op beer is raised right here in alberta only al beta chicken only alberta beef extra lean ground beef value pack ground fresh daily cal & gary's pork loin centre chops or roast boneless alberta pork abundant marbling only beef alberta cals garys glazed pork tenderloin kabob with vegetables also available at full service meat counters $5.00 each johnsonville johnsonville dinner or ground sausage previously frozen jahrsteville sole fillets find me seafood counter seafood wild find me seafood counter find me seafood counter powerhouse of low-fat protein organic wild halibut steaks chinook red spring salmon fillets farmed product of canada oceas find me seafood counter poke price cut scale poke cale garys cal & gary's pacific white raw shrimp peeled & deveined tail on 340g frozen garys using vero grizzly raw ocean pacific white best enjoyed sovesea level wild grizzly salmon or tuna poke 140g frozen scallops product of canada previously frozen best best natural from the west from the west natural meat top dogs salami smokies natural matula top dogs smokies harvest sausage ring or chubs • maple leaf natural top dog wieners • 375g drake meats smokies original or bacon & cheddar maple leaf • natural selections sliced meats founders farmers founders farmers lunch price cut lunch mater mite jumbo jumbo vi er chicken burgers chicken stres you lunch chicken nuggets founders & farmers fully cooked pork back ribs previously frozen schneiders lunch kits or stackers founders & farmers breaded chicken burgers nuggets or strips 908g frozen olivieri fresh filled pasta family pack eared italian bread or multigrain italian or italian twisted bread cheese or pizza swirl buns barce funk in-store en storx bakery dempsters sagada jumbo gourmet cookies assorted varieties dempsters agen bakid biela dempster's signature bagels assorted varieties in-store best best from the west from the west wk.27-pg.4

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