Thrifty Foods Flyer - 05/27-06/02/2021 (Page 14)

source local eat happy we pick local is about people we'd like to introduce a few families behind some of the locally grown and produced products found in our stores first esqueezer red racer caesar squeezer trusted 2018 ingrain pasta surrey british columbia trusted 2020 partner since british columbia partner since partner since vancouver british columbia caesar squeezer red racer street legal non-alcoholic craft beer legal brand of non-alcoholic craft beer uses state of the art technology to remove to be preserved ingrain pasta pasta specializes in making slow dried pasta the traditional way to preserve the high nutritional content of the fresh canadian grains longeze prove santiate red raathaar caesar caesar street legal street red race red race racer in grain pilski in brain squeezer i̇squeezer in grain street legal street legal legal ipa ipa esar seasonino sauce uce d'assaisonnement corsare main 25 wowe caesar seasoning sauce sauce d'assaisonnement main 256 sove on sale on sale on sale red racer street legal non-alcoholic craft beer each each caesar squeezer each ingrain pasta eve's gluten free sans gluten vegan calien ketogenic eve's croche crackers guiente eve's crackers with fibre and protein from the goodness proudly produced in burnaby bc crackers eve's vegan ketogenic ack same ame noir on sale savoury chili pepper pumpkin see sunflower graine de citrouill tournesol piment savoureux eve's crackers 1019 west coast trusted 2018 each eve's crackers canada partner since en where this symbol appears deposit & enviro levies are applicable thrifty foods tf wkos pi

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