ALDI Christmas 2020 Weekly Ad Circular - valid 12/23-12/29/2020

orty games aldi shop differentli prices valid december 23-29 aldi aldi savers per lb was $1.29 limit aldi savers aldi siavers appleton farms smoked ham shank or butt portion available while supplies last per lb per pint red grapes blueberries it's official-we're the holiday price leader! aldi savers aldi savers aldi savers aldi sievers cauliflower yellow potatoes little salad bar flat leaf spinach each savings on savings on savings i'm from spinach aldi savers cal 75€ carrots aldi siavers price valid $8.99 fresh limit per lb salmon with monterrey spice rub per lb was $1.69 fresh never frozen appleton honey ham appleton farms spiral-sliced half ham available while supplies last cheers belletti prosecco for all celebrations pop! $3.49 mama cozzi's $6.99 fremont fish market shrimp ring pizza kitchen toasted ravioli beef or four cheese co original beef $11.99 vista bay hard seltzer variety pack +crv cman trement cooker spring toasted ravioli vista bay trosecco vista bay vista bay roset +crv original crisp aldi suvers was $2.19 savoritz entertainment crackers specially selected pita chips sea salt or parmesan garlic & herb sea salt piia chips brecken bock six 12-oz bottles rock aldi si vers spread each for +crv stormchaser red blend park street deli hummus quartet crestwood barrel riesling coca cola coca-cola gourmet gourmet spreadable cheese spreadable cheese assorted varieties band charper each note condstefarmont ends almond baking brie blue emporium selection honey & pecan or cranberry baking brie cheese organic simply nature organic blue corn or multigrain cornet tortilla chips usda organicon * casa mamita salsa con queso southern grove oven roasted almonds salted or unsalted almonds ovca roasted ves baking brie cheese many queso blockbuster crofton each wine or champagne aldi find glasses the vatimate each spin master party games or mtv accessories not included curbside delivery

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