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Are you bogged down by the following challenges? First, wanting to eat healthier foods only to be discouraged by the prohibitive costs. Second, having to contend with a limited selection of fresh produce, nuts, seafood, meats, and other edibles at your local grocery.

Sprouts Farmers Market aims to solve these two problems. They aim to make healthy and organic foods accessible to the average consumer. Not only do they have a wide selection of organic products, but their prices are also reasonable. Competition from Sprouts was the reason other farmers stores like Whole Foods had to slash their prices to stay competitive. The customer support is delightful, and in-store, you’ll find attendants to answer your questions.

It’s also appealing that despite fair prices, there are numerous Sprouts daily deals to help stretch your dollar.

Sprouts Short History

Sprouts was recently founded in 2002 by Kevin Easler along with Stan Boney and his father Shon Boney. The company’s first location was in Chandler, Arizona. Shon is the son of Henry Boney, who established the Henry’s Farmers Market Company, which was bought by Wild Oats in 1999. Wild Oats was later acquired by Whole Foods in 2011.

Sprouts has experienced a period of rapid growth in the past 17 years. By 2015, they had grown to 200 stores. Three years later, they had 300 locations from coast to coast. They are set to open more than 30 stores in 2019.

Location and Working Hours:

  • Number of stores: 335 stores as of October 2019
  • States present: 21
  • Working hours: Most stores are open from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m

What Do People Buy at Sprouts?

Sprouts is a farmers market, and they place most of their emphasis on offering customers the best foods. You’ll get items in departments such as:

  • The Butcher Shop: Sprouts offers fresh and not frozen items. You can buy meats such as natural turkeys, all-natural skinless chicken breasts, salmon fillets, USDA Choice Beef, lean ground beef for your hamburgers, all-natural sausage rolls, WILD-Caught snow crabs, and more.
  • Beer & Wine: You’ll have the chance to buy a select number of beers and wines. You’ll not miss Sprouts deals in this category.
  • Deli & Bakery: Shop for freshly baked delights such as muffins, baguettes or bread. You can also buy deli family meals and more.
  • Groceries: You’ll have a wide variety of quality and organic foods to choose from. For instance, they have about 15 to 20 separate varieties of apples.
  • Vitamins & body care: You’ll find more supplements than you can find at other stores.

Five Ways to Save Money at Sprouts

1) Get their mobile app

It affords you the chance to save up to $100 every month. You’ll have the chance to access digital coupons, a feature that was added in 2016. You can also find an item’s discount code and complete checkout challenges for the chance to save more.

2) Buy Sprouts brands

Store private-label brands are often of high-quality than other external brands. They are cheaper too because the store doesn’t need to spend so much money on advertising campaigns.

Some of their renowned store brands include SPROUTS with a wide selection of products from staples to specialty items. The brand’s products do not have added sweeteners, artificial flavors or colors. Other store brands include Sprouts Market Corner (offers ingredients), Sprouts Essentials, The Fish Market, and more.

3) Clip their digital coupons

Start by creating your Sprouts account. It will allow you to create virtual shopping lists, view store specials, receive in-box deals, clip digital coupons, and more.

Then, visit their coupons page. You’ll get coupons worth between $0.5 to $2 on items such as plant-based sausages, soups, coffee bags, and more.

4) Buy items in the bulk section

If you’re keen on reducing the amount of packaging you use, head over to the bulk section. You’ll find bins full of teas, spices, baking supplies, specialty coffees, rolled oats, chocolate almonds, etc. All you have to do is scoop the amount you need.

5) Discounts on Vitamins & Wines

Purchasing $100 worth of vitamins or 4 bottles of wine+ gets you a discount of up to 10%.

Check out the Sprouts Current Catalog

Sprouts, like other grocery stores, publishes sales flyers every week. You can find their current weekly ads here on Rabato. Some offers in the circulars include deals of the month, specials, discounts, and more. Start saving on a wide range of items, from avocados to seedless grades to honey crisp apples to berries…