Cub Foods - Weekly Ad Specials, Flyers and Deals


For foods with ridiculously discounted ads, you can never go wrong with the Cub Foods. The chain retail has more than seventy-seven stores in eighty-one different locations within the United States. Its tremendous expansion has been due to its allegiance to customers. If you are looking for quality products with a satisfaction guarantee, Cub Foods ought to be your best shopping destination.

Cub Foods prides itself on a long history providing value to its customers and an outstanding customer care service unparalleled to no other in the United States.

About Cub Foods

The legendary chain store dates back to 1968 when it was founded, becoming the first store in the United States to offer discounted foods and amazing ads.

The chain store was founded in Stillwater, Minnesota, by two brothers, Jack and Charles Hooley, in conjunction with two brothers-in-law, Culver Davis Jnr and Robert Theuson. It was later bought in 1980 by SuperValu and has since then expanded to what we see today as a giant store.

Location and Working Hours

With Cub Foods, you are not limited by location when doing your shopping.  The store is not located in a single location as it has several stores all over the United States. You can always look for Cub Foods in a store near me finder.

However, the central location is based on where it was initially founded, Stillwater, Minnesota. The stores operate from 8 AM-8 PM, providing customers with the best shopping experience.

Cub Foods - best deals and specials

The accuracy of the Cub Foods ad keeps you glued to discover various product sections. Whichever food patron you are, you can find your place at meat and seafood, natural and organic products, quick and easy, deli and bakery, fresh produce, beer and wine, popcorn shop, gift cards & floral, and food pet & supplies sections.

Each of these sections in Cub Foods' ads has crazy discounts that run through weekly. You can access these deals from Cub Foods’ weekly flyers, which keep changing depending on the products selected for the offers.

To cater to your health, Cub Foods complies with federal and local safety agencies. Any product that is deemed hazardous is immediately recalled, and you are notified on time.

Cub Foods sales

Choosing to shop at this store comes with numerous benefits you can hardly resist. Such benefits include accessing the store online and having your goods delivered without having to go to the store. Through digital shopping, you earn points and coupons which you can redeem anytime you want.

You can participate in the open sales promotion programs at Cub Foods that include sweepstakes and discounted tickets. 

Are you ready to make savings from your shopping? You can save up to $150 through healthy savings programs. To participate, you only have to purchase healthy foods at the stores' grocery, which instantly earns you savings. You can use these savings at any Cub store you visit.

Cub Foods Weekly Ad on Rabato

Shopping at Cub Foods can never be complete without getting introduced to some newest sales offers. You would not like to miss out on Friday's new ad at Cub Foods every week. Some circulars keep being updated regularly to bring the latest at your attention. They always offer you a gift or coupon savings.

Cub Foods is a one-stop shopping store that you should pop in to experience first-hand offers and a fantastic experience. Keep tuned on Rabato for Cub Foods hot deals and special updates. You will just be amazed by the extraordinary services and quality products you get when shopping at Cub Foods!

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