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El Super, also popularly known as Chedraui, is a Mexican departmental store chain catering to the needs of individuals in Southern and Northern Mexico, California, Nevada, and Arizona. El Super recorded over $4 billion in revenue in 2016, with most of its sales coming from outlets located in the United States.

El Super's weekly ad comprises some of the best grocery deals in the United States. With over 93 years of operations in its portfolio, the El Super shopping lobby is ranked amongst the best superstores in Mexico. 

Gaining access to any of the exclusive offers provided to regular users of the shopping lobby would require the use of the flyers and sales ads the platform offers. To enjoy unmatched access to all of El Super new specials, it is essential to utilize the emailing newsletter services the superstore provides.

All About El Super Store

El Super's first store was created in 1927 by Lebanese immigrant Lázaro Chedraui Chaya and his wife, Ana Caram. The departmental store's first retail outlet is located at Haberdashery in the city of Xalapa, Veracruz.

At inception, the departmental store operated with the ‘Port of Beirut' brand name; stating its origin. It adopted the 'Chedraui’ in 1927 the same year it launched its first store. With over 262 stores to its name, El Super is regarded as Mexico's third-largest retailing outlet.

El Super deals in groceries, apparel, and non-perishable items. El Super currently has about 38,000 employees catering to the needs of its customers. Antonio Chedraui Obeso manages the operations of all the superstore’s outlets.

Location and Working Hours

Whether you are looking to grab grocery items for the weekend or you are looking for a shopping ad offering exceptional discount items suitable for the season; you don’t want to miss out on the exciting shopping offers included in the El Supers catalogs.

Visiting its online portal via any of its dedicated mobile app or its official URL would grant you instant access to an updated ad this week containing all of El Super’s new deals. Users residing in any of its local cities are granted access to a home delivery shopping service; few superstores offer this kind of services and this makes El super unique.

El Super Sales and Specials

El Super weekly ads and flyers are filled with exclusive sales deals that provide you with a personalized shopping experience. With regularly updated El Super flyers dominating its shopping lobby, you wouldn’t have a hard time navigating a deal of choice.

El Super sales flyers are designed to keep its users updated on all its daily operations. Visiting its online platform would also grant you access to numerous ads and circulars loaded with exclusive El Super specials.

Discounted Goods at El Super

Tailored towards ensuring that every user enjoys a shopping experience where the price commensurate the budget, El Super shopping lobby is loaded with tons of discounted items. Most of the discounted items available at EL Super proffer up to 50% price slash.

The El Super shop navigator can be accessed via the ‘Shop near me’ locator accessible on its homepage. Hot El Super deals are regularly proffered via exclusive discount codes and flyers.  

El Super Market weekly ad on Rabato

Apart from the discounted goods accessible via El Super weekly ads and flyers, numerous life-changing specials and promotions are made available on retail outlets and online portal every day. El Super is widely regarded as the best retail shopping outlet when it comes to best specials and promotions.

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