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Do you enjoy having a personal experience with your shopping store? Do you feel like you are not getting enough hospitality from your current grocery provider? KJ’s Market grocery stores provide you with the two, making your shopping remarkable. The family store prides itself in creating an excellent rapport with its customers, anticipating their needs before they mention them. At KJ’s Market grocery, you are sure to access personalized services from their professional staff within their working hours.

About KJ’s Market Grocery

The family grocery store dates back in 1922 when it was founded in South Carolina. The shop served as a self-distributing store, reaching out to small stalls as its primary customer.

In the 1980s, it started selling its products to the IGA stores, which led to the creation of FLOCO Foods. Since then, the company has grown to 47 stores operating in North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Columbia. It is a current distributor of 85 stores within these areas.

Location and Working Hours

KJ’s Market groceries are widely spread within the regions of the United States. If you are within Carolina or Columbia, it is easy for you to locate these stores. Alternatively, you can use the KJ’s Market store near me location finder for precision.

When you are sure about specific operating hours, you can schedule when you can visit the store. You can plan your shopping any time from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day.

KJ’s Market ad for best purchases

KJ’s Market grocery offers a product catalog that is full of fantastic seasonal discounts. These discounts are found from the weekly ads and sales offers available on the store’s website.

Whether you are looking for quality meat cuts, fresh produce, or fresh deli, you can have them at KJ’s. These products come with the best deals that help you fill your cart at exceptionally low prices. You can access KJ’s products online. To enjoy this feature, create an online account with the store, and you are free to access its shopping list. Shopping has never been convenient like this!

KJ’s Market sales & deals

Enjoy the weekly ads to ensure you are not left out. If you are not sure when the ads are made, you can check on Rabato, which is dedicated to making sure you do not miss an update on the hottest deals.

There are also coupons to be enjoyed, and these can be digitally accessed. Once you login to the store’s website, you can pick your coupon products, and upon checkout, your coupons are added, and you are rewarded with your coupon discount.

At KJ’s, you can participate in monthly power end promotions and weekly sales. Enrolling in KJ’s card program also allows you to save if you become a regular shopper. You earn points each time you do your shopping at the store, which is redeemable after they have accumulated to a substantial amount.

KJ’s Market Grocery weekly ad - save with Rabato!

Since the stock at KJ’s is updated regularly, each day comes with its new offers for loyal clients. Keep track of these offers from Rabato and you will not have to miss on hot deals available every day. You can also make use of your online account and check on any additions to the shopping list.

If you like personalizing your products, you should stop at any KJ’s store and make the specifications on how you want your product served. You do not have to get what everybody else is getting when you can adjust your order to fit your tastes and preferences!

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