Fred Meyer - Weekly Ad Specials, Flyers and Deals


Is Fred Meyer an expensive grocery store? Most sources and independent reviews reveal that it’s comparatively cheaper than other stores like Safeway or Trader’s Joe. It’s also quite popular in the Northwest.

It’s a subsidiary of Kroger, which resulted from the two companies merging in 1998. If there is anything to say about Kroger is the fact that they have lots of coupons, deals, generous reward programs, and consistent pricing, which will allow you to save lots of money.

Tracing the Roots of Fred Meyer Stores

The store gets its name from the founder, Fred G. Meyer who emphasized the one-stop-shopping concept. Before founding the famous chain, he got his start working in the family grocery business. He was also a traveling salesperson who sold coffee at farms and lumber camps from his humble horse-drawn cart.

He was 34 years old when he opened his first store in Portland, Oregon. This was in 1922. At the time, customers would visit separate stores to get all that they needed. Meyer knew that people would shop at his store if he provided everything in one place. His dream gave rise to the first Fred Meyer in 1931. Currently, a typical Fred Meyer supercenter has over 160,000 square feet of floor space with a stock list of nearly quarter-a-million items under one roof.

Locations and Working Hours

  • The number of locations: 132 stores in four states (Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington).
  • Working hours: Most stores are open at 8:00 a.m and close at 1:00 a.m.

What Can You Buy at Fred Meyer?

If you visit a Fred Meyer supercenter, you’ll have the chance to shop across multiple departments. These include fresh fruits & vegetables, dairy & eggs, adult beverages, deli, specialty diets, holiday shop, Thanksgiving shop, pantry, meat & seafood, natural & organic, bakery, home & electronics, cleaning & household essentials, health & wellness, vitamins & supplements, personal care, baby, floral, and more. You can also find jewelry at the in-store Fred Meyer Jewelers or refill your prescriptions at their pharmacies.

How to Save Money at Fred Meyer

1) Digital Coupons

For Fred Meyer’s daily deals, take a minute to check out items in the coupons section of their website. Most of the deals come with savings of 50 cents, $1, or $2. Though, it might look like a small amount to save, taking advantage of small offers means huge savings in the long run. Whether it’s drinking water or bathroom tissue deals, don’t hesitate to grab the offer.

2) Sign up for the Fred Meyer Rewards Card

It’s the best way to save consistently at Fred Meyer. The card collects reward points whenever you shop. After each quarter, the store mails you a rebate-coupon based on the number of points you have earned. You can then use the coupon as a gift card when shopping at Fred Meyer.

3) Download Fred Meyer’s Phone App

It makes accessing Fred Meyer weekly ads and sales deals easier. You can also browse and create shopping lists. You’ll have the chance to load digital coupons to your rewards card. It also gives you a view of your current fuel points, points for the rebate program, and more.

4) Other promotions

Be on the lookout for the Military and Senior discounts next time you visit Fred Meyer stores. They usually come with a 10%-off deal on qualifying items.

Membership to the RX Savings club at $36 per year gives you a chance to save up to 85% off in pharmacies operated by Kroger Co. Gift cards come with 4X fuel points. You can also find recipes with Home Chef, and save on items such as pre-paired ingredients.

5) Buy 4 Save 4 Deals

Some of the items qualifying for this deal, include white paper towels, Colgate Optic, moisturizing cream, Huggies Overnights, and more. Sometimes you can mix and match participating items.

6) Big Packs

Big packs are also great ways to save money at Fred Meyer. Most of the Kroger Brand products feature in this offer, for instance, Kroger Cut Green Beans, Kroger Whole Kernel Golden Corn, Kroger String Cheese, Kroger Mozzarella, and beverages such as vapor distilled water or Gatorade Sports Drink variety pack.

7) Fuel Programs

One dollar spent at Freddy’s earns you one fuel point. You can only redeem 100 fuel points earned within a calendar month at a Fred Meyer Fuel Center. With about 1,000 fuel points, you get to save up to $125 on each gallon.

Find the Best Fred Meyer Deals

The latest weekly ads from Fred Meyer are up to 10 pages long. They have secret promos, deals, and a discount code you might not even find at the site’s coupon page. For instance, deals on appliances or furniture. See the latest Freddy’s sales offers.