Food Lion - Weekly Ad Specials, Flyers and Deals


Do you inhabit the southern states of America? Can’t find the best deals on grocery items? You should start shopping at Food Lion. And keep an eye out for Food Lion flyers here at Rabato.

The supermarket chain has a long lustrous history. Since 1957, they have served communities by providing amazing shopping experiences. Their commitment to top quality food is unmatched, and they are very affordable. You’ll also shop fresh produce year-round.

Get to trust Food Lion for your shopping needs by reading this quick review:

Founding Story

Food Lion started as Food Town, and it’s a tale of the Ketner brothers. In 1957, Glen Ketner had just finished building a new shopping center in Salisbury, North Carolina. But there was no chain to occupy the new building. Three men united to establish a new store: Ralph Ketner (the first president), Brown Ketner (first meat merchandiser), and Wilson Smith (who handled the advertising).

They hardly had enough capital to start the store. So they hatched a plan, and it involved cold-calling residents of Salisbury asking for investments. Three days and nights later, they had managed to acquire investments from about 122 people, who each invested between $50 to $1,000.

With a total sum of $125,000, Food Town was setup. The first 10 years were tough, but they managed to stay afloat and expand into new locations. To attract new customers, they would attempt offering free TV sets, sending flowers to the patients at the Rowan Memorial Hospital every week, and engaging in price wars with local grocers.

Customer First Approach

Walk into any Food Lion store, and you’ll get a sense of their customer first-approach. From friendly associates to offers on items, you’re sure to keep coming back. In the early days, new hires had to read the employee’s handbook. An expert from the instructional has this tried and tested statement, “Your Customers are not cold statistics – they are human beings with feelings.”

Money-back Guarantee on Freshness

The store guarantees to refund twice the amount you spent on an item if you find out that it was not as fresh as you expected.

Location and Working Hours

  • The number of stores: 1,031 stores, 2017.
  • States present: 10 Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern states.
  • The number of associates: 63,000 +
  • Working hours: Stores are typically open from 7:00 a.m to 11:00 p.m.

Which Departments does Food Lion Have?

A typical Food Lion store has over 28,000 products in stock. The most popular and fast-moving products are regularly featured in Food Lion weekly ads. And some of the aisles at the store, include household, seafood, pet, baby, dairy, pharmacy, frozen, natural & organic, produce, etc.

Something You didn’t Know about Food Lion

You can browse recipes on their website. Say you settle on the recipe for Kentucky Truffle Balls. Opening the recipe can allow you to add the items required to make the delicious treats to your checkout list. The company is also committed to fighting hunger through the Food Lion Feeds program.

How to Save Big at Food Lion Stores

1) Take advantage of Text-to-Save offers

You can subscribe and start receiving special deals on your mobile phone. You’ll be getting exclusive Food Lion deals frequently.

2) MVP Card

Sign up for their loyalty card as soon as possible. In fact, don’t shop without one. The reason? Well, the card allows you to redeem digital coupons. You can also scan your card at their in-store kiosks. This automatically loads all the special offers for that day.

3) Buy Store Brand Products

They have products ranging from household goods to beauty products. Some of the store’s private-label brands, include Nature’s Promise, CareOne, Etos, Always My Bay, Guiding Stars, among others.

All the Latest Food Lion Deals Every Week

The Food Lion daily deals are easily available on Rabato. Just open one flyer. You’ll see deals labeled “Hot Sale” for items such as lean ground meat, sliced bacon, butterball turkey, etc. There are also special MVP program deals on produce such as red potatoes, avocados, tomatoes, etc. So start saving today!