Publix - Weekly Ad Specials, Flyers and Deals


Are you looking for Publix deals or coupons? It’s good to save on the little items. Small savings add up and could help you afford a vacation or big purchase. Publix promises to make shopping at its stores pleasurable. They do this by offering their customers with multiple ways to save from sale brochures filled with ads to rewards on their store card. Read more about Publix to understand how to get enormous value from them.

“It all started in 1930”

In 1930, George W. Jenkins launched the first Publix store, and it’s been a long journey of 80+ years. With a lustrous history, something has to be said about their approach to employees. Sorry, but there are no employees at Publix, only “associates.” 

That’s because workers get to own the store’s stock if they have worked for more than 1000 hours or over one year. This approach has been so successful at retaining talent that they have a very low churn out rate. They also have programs such as tuition reimbursement, which allows associates to grow and advance in their fields.

From Caring About People to Caring About the Environment

Publix believes in treating people kindly. Customers are also treated remarkably well. For instance, if you drive an electric car, you can charge it for free at select Publix stores while you shop. 

The company’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint has entailed efforts to reduce paper, cardboard, and plastic use. In 2018, Publix managed to recycle over 259,000 tonnes of cardboard. 

Some interesting facts about Publix: 

  • Employees co-own the grocery chain.
  • The first Publix supermarket featured innovations such as in-door air conditioning & terrazzo flooring. 
  • Their philosophy is to treat customers & associates like family.
  • It consistently ranks as the top supermarket for customer satisfaction.
  •  It was the fourth-best company for job security in 2018, according to
  • Publix consistently features in the Fortunes best employers category.

Locations and Working hours

  • Number of locations: 1100+
  • Operational states: Virginia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida (mostly the Southeastern states). 
  • Working hours: Most stores close at 10:00 PM

Which Products Can You Buy at Publix? 

Publix stocks a wide range of products, and that’s why you should never miss the regular Publix sales ads. You can find deals on products in categories such as frozen food, health & nutrition, beer & wine, produce, floral, deli, meat, bakery goods, beauty & personal care, housewares, pets, non-foods like paper towels, fabric softeners, and more. 

Other Publix Stores with Deals

Publix Pharmacy: Get your refills by requesting and tracking them easily online or by using the Publix Pharmacy app. It’s also simple to switch to Publix Pharmacy. One of the perks you get is up to 90 days of free supply of maintenance medications, including antibiotics and blood pressure meds. 

Publix Liquors: There are about 250 Publix Liquor stores in operation. 

Guide to Saving Big at Publix

Pay attention to the following tips if you want to save consistently: 

1) Take advantage of promos, coupons, free items

Publix gives you multiple ways to save. You’ll encounter the typical Buy 1 Get 1 deal, 25% off deals, discount code, etc. Once in a while, there is a free grocery offer of up to $5. 

Their price promise:

Publix promises that in case you clip a coupon only to find out that the in-store price is higher, the price on the clipped coupon from their sales circular will be used.  

2) Shop online

 You can shop online for most of the items you find in the Publix weekly ad. Just navigate to their website and enter your zip code to see if your area is covered. They provide three options to collect your items; in-store pickup, curbside pickup, or home delivery. 

3) Digital coupons page

 Don’t miss out on the chance to review their coupons page. You can even clip and redeem deals at checkout with your phone. 

Get All the Latest Offers from Publix

You don’t have to wander their aisles or search their website relentlessly in the hopes of finding deals. Simply browse through the latest Publix current catalog right here on Rabato.