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Among the top things customers complain about when shopping at grocery stores include not finding fresh items, lacking in-store butchers, dealing with rude customer service personnel, navigating cramped & sometimes dirty aisles…

Luckily, that’s not the way Ingles Markets operates. They are comparatively cheaper than other chains you shop at. In fact, their company’s tagline is “Low Prices…Love the Savings,” which is prominently displayed on their site’s banner. 

They have friendly support staff and punctual store opening times. Their aisles are wide and clean. They also offer an assortment of items. Many people have come to love Ingles, and you’ll love Ingles deals even more.

Top Things to Know about Ingles Market

  • The store is named after its founder Robert Ingles.
  • Robert originally worked at his grandfather’s grocery store, which was later shut down in 1956. After attending college, he worked for Colonial Stores for about 3 years, before opening his first store.
  • The first Ingles supermarket was opened in 1963, in Asheville, North Carolina. The city still hosts the company’s headquarters.
  • Reaching out to underserved communities was Ingles’ success approach. He also invested in real estate, and the chain owns about 75% of the real estate where its stores are located.
  • Since Robert had to take on big stores, he came up with various ways to attract customers, including offering stamps, advertising special sale items, opening his store on Sundays and public holidays, offering discounts, and more.

Something You Might Have not Known about Ingles Markets

  • They have a supermarket dietitian whose role includes helping customers with their health and nutrition questions.
  • The company runs the Tools for School program. It donates supplies and equipment to local schools, and they have donated over $16 million since 1998.

Locations and Working Hours

  • Number of stores: 200+
  • States operational: Six states, including North Carolina, Alabama, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina.
  • Working hours: Most stores operate from 7:00 a.m to 11:00 p.m. They also have 24-hour locations.

Which Products Can You Buy at Ingles?

Ingles has all the typical departments you find at most grocery stores. One of the most outstanding departments is the Meats section. Here you’ll find products from Harvest Farms, which is only sold at Ingles Markets. The department is taunted as the “Best Meat in Town,” and you’ll find this written in the in-store meat counter and also in most Ingles flyers ads.

That’s because they have the freshest meats. In fact, they regularly ground meat several times a day, and they are against prepacked meat products. They also have in-store butchers who will help prepare your meats for cooking. Their meats are also USDA Choice and PRIME, so you’ll be getting the best value.

Ingles deals regularly feature items like raw shrimp, Italian sausages, Butterball turkey, etc. Other departments include video, products, pharmacy, gas, frozen foods, floral, deli, bakery, beer & wine, etc.

How to Save Money with Ingles Deals and Special Savings Programs

1) Sign up for the Ingles Advantage Card

Launched in 2003, the card allows loyal shoppers to earn special offers, fuel rewards, and more. Cardholders can also participate in the store’s sweepstakes. In Ingles weekly ads, you’ll find special offers on selected items for cardholders only. You can help a local school get equipment for learning simply by using the card.

2) Compare the in-store brand product with other brands

Look out for the company’s private-label brand, “Laura Lynn.” Its products are of high-quality, including the milk. It’s sourced from cows that have never undergone hormonal treatments. You can always buy the brand if you find it to be cheaper than similar goods.

3) Sign up for Advantage Mail

You’ll get special offers that are tailored to the things you regularly buy at the store. It’s like having the store find the deals that would interest you the most based on your shopping history.

4) Print home coupons

Check out the “Savings” tab next time you visit their website, and find the print at home coupons page. You may get offers on items such as sugar crystals, veggie spirals, moisture absorbents, etc.

Be the First to See the Latest Ingles New Deals

The Ingles weekly sales brochures have deals from cover to cover. Some of these deals include:

  • The Item of the Week – In a prior flyer, the item of the week was North Carolina sweet potatoes going for 38¢ per pound.
  • 50% off deals.
  • 2 for X dollars or 6 for X dollars deals – Get a significant discount when you buy more than one item. Some of the items with this offer have included Coca-Cola, cut green beans, broth, etc.

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