Vons - Weekly Ad Specials, Flyers and Deals


Are you looking for your next favorite store in Southern California or Nevada? Try Vons, it’s popular on the west coast. They have a vast selection of items. Lines at their stores are mostly speedy. Customers are valued and offered help whenever they need it.

Prices are consistent and agreeable. Best of all, their occasional deals will help you save big. Vons was also named the favorite vegan shopping sales outlet because of the meat alternatives they sell. Learn how you can save with Vons weekly ads and sales flyers.

Peering into Vons History

The store draws its name from its founder, Charles Von der Ahe. He established a 20-foot neighborhood store back in 1906 using the $1200 he had saved. His store in Figueroa, Los Angeles served the needs of the immediate community.

He was quick to adopt “cash and carry,” ditching the long-established way of offering groceries on credit. The company expanded quickly, and 21 years later, Vons had 87 stores. In 1928, Charles sold the chain because he anticipated the crash of the stock market. But that was not the end of the road for the retailer.

During the Great Depression, his sons Theodore and Wilfred urged their father to finance a new retail venture. Vons was born again under the new banner Vons Grocery Company, in 1932. By the ‘70s, the store had grown to 159 locations. Presently, Albertsons operates Vons following its merger with Safeway in 2014.

Location and Working hours

  • Number of stores: 200+. Vons is the biggest retailer in Southern California.
  • Headquarters: Fullerton, CA.
  • States operational: California (191 locations) and Nevada (9 stores) as of Nov 2019.
  • Working hours: Most Vons stores are open from 6:00 a.m. to 12 a.m.

What Can You Buy at Vons?

  • You’ll find a huge selection of items, including baby formula, bread, fish, sushi, cheese, spices, flora, frozen meals, pasta spaghetti, pasta organic sauce, bananas, tomatoes, strawberries, cigarettes, among other items.
  • You can shop online by visiting the Vons website. Simply go to the “Shop” section to see all the aisles or use the search bar to quickly find items across the store. While searching, you’ll encounter deals and coupons.
  • Vons also runs pharmacies, which makes refilling your prescriptions convenient and simple. It’s recommended that you create a Vons Pharmacy account, which helps with tracking reorders and getting notified about ready pick-ups.
  • You can also access other services provided by nurse practitioners such as immunizations, flu shots, tests, and more. Their pharmacies also offer specialty care.

How to Save Money Consistently at Vons

1) Free delivery deals

On your first order, you’ll get your items without paying a delivery fee, and at 20%-off.

2) Sign up for Just for U

It’s one of the best ways to save at Vons. Membership is free, and you get to earn reward points. You can redeem your rewards for discounts on groceries or gas.

Since your purchases are tracked, you’ll get personalized deals and store specials. This helps eliminate the problem of getting deals on items you never buy in the first place. There are also free items availed to Just for U members from time to time. Gift cards have 2X rewards for each $1 spent.

3. “FAB 5.”

This deal is offered when you purchase a bundle of five items. You can mix and match participating products. Some items that have had this offer before, include Doritos, water, cereals, cookies, pasta sauces, crackers, and more. You’ll find these offers in the Vons weekly flyers.

Find All the Latest Vons Deals on Rabato

Got a few extra minutes each week? Just 10 minutes is what you need to go through the latest sales circular from Vons. Some deals herein include “Club Price” deals on items such as baked chicken, home-style soups, pasta, liquor, and more.

You’ll also encounter the classic “Buy one Get one deal” or 50% off deals on storage sets, batteries, and more. Saving at Von starts right here on Rabato, so check out the store’s catalogs.