Dollar General - Weekly Ad Specials, Flyers and Deals


Probably the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name “Dollar General” is that you can get items for $1 or less. Actually, you’re quite right to think so. About 25% of the store’s merchandise is priced for a dollar or less.

With its focus on cheaper pricing, Dollar General has managed to stay in business for decades. They also value simplicity and providing customers with the utmost value. You can also get amazing savings thanks to Dollar General all weekly ads.

The Origins of Dollar General

Dollar General's story begins 80 years ago with James Turner. His father suffered a fatal accident in 1902. So James had to leave school when he was 11, work on the family’s farm in the hopes of supporting his siblings and mother.

Later in life, he tried his hand at retailing, only to fail twice. He then took up a role as a traveling salesperson selling dry goods. After 10 years, he left his job and moved his family to Scottsville, Kentucky.

In the 1930s, during the Great Depression, he would buy and liquidate struggling stores. Cal Turner, his only son, would attend closeouts with his dad, in turn gaining vital business skills. Their first retail store was forthcoming, and it was established in 1939 under the banner “J.L. Turner and Son Wholesale.”

By the 50s, they had multiple stores grossing a tidy sum of $2 million in sales. But the duo sought to create a store where no item would sell for more than a dollar. Their drive speared the launch of the first Dollar General Store in 1955 in Springfield.

The concept was a hit. Subsequently, they converted their wholesale businesses to Dollar General stores. Two years later, there were 57 Dollar General stores bringing in $5 million in sales. Many years later, the company still values hard work and giving customers tender care. Most of their stores serve small to mid-sized communities.

Dollar General’s Literacy Campaign

The store’s founder hardly had a chance to complete his education since he left school in grade 3. So, promoting literacy in America is at the heart of Dollar General. They have helped thousands get a general education Diploma and gain proficiency in reading & writing in English.

Locations and working hours:

  • Number of stores: Over 15,000. The company is among the top 20 retailers in the US
  • States operational: 44
  • Associates: Close to 129,000
  • Working hours: Typically store hours are from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

What Can You Buy at Dollar General?

A wide range of items, including cleaning supplies, pet products, personal care items, beauty products, household wares, school & office supplies, auto & hardware products, outdoor living, apparel, and more.

How Can You Save When Shopping at Dollar General?

1) Buy items in the following categories

If you’re looking for a store where some items are cheaper than at Walmart, then pay close attention to Dollar General. Various studies have shown that there are cheaper on household items such as paper & plastic, kitchen & dining, home decor, storage, bed & bath, etc.

Also, consider getting Dollar General deals on items such as baby oil, baby wipes, socks, reading glasses, select groceries, batteries, dish soap, candy, food containers, toiletries, picture frames, and more.

2) Shop for DG Store Brands

If a product’s packaging has the letters “DG”, it’s certainly a private-label brand. Private-label items are cheaper than other branded-goods because the store doesn’t have to spend millions of dollars on paid advertising. Dollar General is also the exclusive retailer of Rexall Vitamins and Supplements.

3) Download the DG Phone App

It makes it easier to create virtual shopping lists, find offers and load up on coupons. It also comes with an enhanced store locator, which will surely save you time instead of constantly searching for “Dollar General shops near me” on search engines.

Since it’s a mobile app, the weekly Dollar General flyers ads are displayed in a list view, which makes them easy to navigate. You’ll also have an easier time tracking your spending.

4) If you text “SIGNUP” to 34898”…

Doing this will sign you up to the DG mobile alerts. You get 12 messages each month with offers and coupons.

5) Take advantage of their free shipping offer

Shopping online lets you save your time and gas commuting to a store. And you still buy items at store prices. What’s more, you can get free shipping on orders above $25. If you have never used this service before, you could get 5% off your first shipping order.

Dollar General New Deal: Awesome Savings

A typical Dollar General flyer here at Rabato is about 20 pages long. It’s just the right length to feature hundreds of deals on cereals, coffee blends, Cheetos, family towels, and more items. You’ll also find “Buy 3 Get 1 free” deals, BOGO offers, $1 deal, and more. So start saving today!