How to Use Target's Price Match Policy With Profit For Yourself?

The Target Price Match program is relatively undiscovered in this industry. While individuals are aware that systems and programs like this exist at other stores, Target does not necessarily advertise that they offer this amazing initiative. Only those who know about it and how it works get to reap the benefits. So, how does this all work? Does Target price match Amazon, Walmart, and Costco? Does Target price match online? What are the other Target price match stores? If these are questions you’d like to learn the answers to, then keep reading this article. By the end of it, you’ll know how to rack up hundreds worth of savings at this popular retail location.
How to Use Target's Price Match Policy With Profit For Yourself?

What’s the Target Price Match Policy?

When utilizing this cool policy, it is important to first understand the rules that come along with it. While it will help you save, it is not necessarily a free-for-all. There are over 35,000 different Target products you can attempt to price match with at any given time. All of this being said, there are just a few rules you must follow. Like, for example, you can only compare with those on the Target price match competitor list. 

There are some more peculiarities and limitations to the policy for you to jot down. The dollar amount you are comparing to must be up-to-date and valid, and the item must be exactly the same– even down to the color of its paint! The item must also be currently stocked either in-store or alternatively online. 

How to Price Match at Target?

Fortunately, Target does not make this process a headache so as to deter you from participating in the program. First, if you’re about to buy something from Target that you think you could find somewhere cheaper, look online. If you find it for a lower price at a location Target approved, you have a few options. Either print out the deal or pull it up at check-out on your phone. Even if you already finished buying something, you can get a partial refund via the Target policy for price adjustment so long as you have your receipt. 

Which Stores does Target Price Match With? 

Though you can’t attempt to match with every retailer in existence, Target does supply customers with a large, reasonable list of relevant competitors to compare to. While the full Target price match list can be found here, below are a couple of the retailers that may stand out to you. 

It is important to note that you cannot attempt to save like this outside of the continental U.S., so Hawaii and Alaska are unfortunately off-limits. While Target does match their online prices in stores, you cannot apply one of Target’s in-store prices to those of another one. This is only because locations are constantly adjusting costs to accommodate their inventory requirements. Check the official list to find out if Target price matches Gamestop, Kmart, and all of your other favorite retailers!

Which Stores does Target Price Match With

Exceptions & Limitations of Price Match

A few limitations have already been noted, such as those above about non-continental U.S. states, and not being able to compare physical Target stores to other physical Target stores. However, there are a few other exceptions and limitations you should know about. Target store matches online prices to a certain extent, but the retailer does reserve the right to limit the number of identical products that can be matched in any purchase. 

Additionally, some low prices do not qualify, such as ones achievable by coupons or pricing errors. If you’ve spotted the item on a clearance rack or you are buying it because it has been accidentally damaged and it’s not a steal, these categories unfortunately not qualify. You also cannot attempt to swindle using a cost provided by a third-party. Should you find a valid match, then you will not be able to use coupons or insider offers with your purchase. There are a few other exceptions and limitations that can be learned from the official Target website.

Peculiarities of Using Target Price Match 

Although you can’t use coupons for matched purchases, your 5% off from your RedCard will still apply! That means you’ll get savings on top of savings! Just don’t forget to then make your RedCard payments on time. You can also use a gift card to make your purchase (ironically, so long as you are not attempting to price match gift cards.)

Do not forget that sometimes it is cheaper to just use Target’s regular deals and coupons. If you do not have time to search the Internet for the best deals from this retailer though, no worries. Rabato keeps tabs on Target’s flyers and coupons and organized them all on its website in a manner that is easy to understand and use. Bookmark Rabato on your computer’s homepage and check it regularly to make sure that you do not accidentally lose money by utilizing the price checking program. 

Peculiarities of Using Target Price Match


We have collected the most frequently asked queries from users on the Internet and have replied to them for your convenience.

Does Target provide price adjustment?

Yes! If you retroactively come across a lower price after paying for something, no worries! Gather the items, receipts, and other proof and walk them down to customer service so they can refund you for what you overpaid. Just remember that the price has to be found within 14 days of the original purchase. Otherwise, it is not valid. 

Can you request a price match from Target?

The retailer won’t do the research for you. However, if you find a lower price yourself at a valid competing retailer, your request for the match will be granted as long as you follow the proper matching procedures. 

Is there a Target price match app?

Unfortunately, there is not a special app for this sole purpose. However, the retailer does have a traditional app that can be used for this purpose as well as many others. 

Does Target price match for more than one item?

Yes! Technically there is no limit listed in the rules. That said, the company technically can stop you from going overboard and attempting to buy too many duplicate items after discovering a great match. This is only because they do not want people buying out all low prices items for dubious purposes such as reselling them themselves.


If you know how to use this policy properly, it can be somewhat of a secret weapon! Run Target price checks online before buying anything and ensure you’re always getting the least amount possible. If you find out that you are not, you can show customer service proof and the company will reduce the number on its tag just for you!