Bravo Supermarkets Weekly Ad Circular - valid 04/15-04/21/2021

bravo bravo bravo come home to bravo! bravo supermarkets are individually owned and operated neighborhood food stores dedicated by serving the needs of the community we pride ourselves on proving the persona service and quality food products that only an independent store owne can provide we are commited to build our reputation by offering the finest quality fresh foods and competitive grocery pricing customers and meeting your espectations we will be able to successfully compete with the large impersonal chain stores in this area say "bravo” to bravo supermarkets for savings sale starts thursday friday saturday sunday monday tuesday wednesday fresh lean whole shoulder pork picnic paleta de puerco entero imported www maging mangos mangos family pack chicken drumsticks golden ripe pineapples pina muslos de pollo chuck steak yellow onions slicing tomatoes cebollo amarillo bistec tomates fresh florida lalla tostado especialmense para el gusto latino mahatma mahatma mahatma rice arroz cafe la llave ametalinoite din arres de espresso cafe tostado especialmente para el gusto latino america's favorite rice este long with it arres de largo quedo cafe cafe la llave masha' neste nestle carnation arnation carnation evaporated milk regular leche evaporada wesson with add'l $20 oil or corn aceite the the cookie evaporated milk vitamin d added inds wesson wesson wessol evaporated milk vitamin d added lechon hon gmo hon ino non gno sha parte variety pack variety pack la yogurt yogurt simply drinks assorted varieties bebidas la yogurt la vogurt alaman all natural simply simply simply pemenacle vimeodo lemonade sabor latina assorted varieties yogur sabot latino probiotic probiotic soma barilla elbows bravo apple juice jugo de manzana gatorade drinks assorted varieties bebidas barilla pasta assorted varieties pasta dixie crystals sugar granulated azucar barilla elbows brem recurso apple juick bravo apple juice late bravo neapolitan essential everyday water distilled or spring agua bravo salt valentini ice cream assorted varieties helado bravo drinks assorted varieties bebidas plain or lodized sal plain salt neapolitan sunnyd

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