Harter House Weekly Ad Circular - valid 09/16-09/22/2020

quality meats harter house eastgate find us on facebook ilanter luer lastgate harter house eastgate keeping family traditions since 1973 quality meals & quality service quality selection harterhouse.com i harterhousemeats.com open bam - 9 pm ebt cards welcome we reserve the right to imit quantitas & tot plenemors usda choice usda choice usda choice beef usda choice beef roasts usda choice boneless butterfly pork chops usda choice beef best choice unsuzd wow wo- woo wos butter deal deal honey bunches deal 13noh etuifty lill aaa vie elest choke salted qats butter ww almonds oats woo mitmer iel45 pronqult dollar selected aretes best choice butter selected varebes best choice ice cream selected varietes post honey bunches of oats cereal tans kettle cooked louis ski vantis best choice purified drinking water sected areas lay's classic or kettle cooked potato chips vide oxo ict talas! tide simply laundry detergent litehouse old fashioned caramel dip sarile teem copington sweet gala apples coke products dole sweet seedless mandarins produce for kids produce for kids producerede produceerthcom liitand wand ostua jillian niland selected varieties hiland cottage cheese sected varietos hiland ice cream selected varietes hiland low fat or fat free yogurts selected varieties hiland sour cream or dips balon sere

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