IGA Weekly Ad Circular - valid 06/09-06/15/2021

homegrown locally owned preferred angus whole boneless new york strip athena jumbo sweet cut & wrapped free for cantaloupes stringer fresh cut in-store chicken thighs or drumsticks family pack family fresh fruit tray local signature recipe prairie fresh natural pork cube steak family pack local free carolina pride jumbos carolina carolina pride franks less than shrimp jumbo franks summer garden pickin's snap beans red potatoes eggplant • yellow squash local • vidalia onions oy iga doritz doritas iga ota sin food club for food club american singles iga granulated sugar nachd cheese sugar twiste! lim sugar doritos tortilla chips singles american ameran fawory box mueller's mue icecream dub mild eddar mueller's pasta amekasvorite food club cheese or shredded iga ice cream mueller's sharp cheddar elbow's cheese gallon bucket srpe onde 8lus done pure quality simply done decor laser pure nestle decor prints purif quality pure life water nestlé pure life purified water simply done paper towels purifi water visit us at igasoutheast.com & find us on facebook at iga food stores-southeast! advertised items will be available and no rain checks will be and your family stay safe and healthy during this time 3wolsno visod "we reserve the right to correct printing errors." all products may not be available in all stores product illustrations do not necessarily show sale items yuodsu alvd bevisod sn als lhshd dl9xos od

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