Pete's Fresh Market Weekly Ad Circular - valid 07/01-07/07/2020

picef family owned since 1970 pete's sale prices valid july 01 - july 07 usda choice black angus untrimmed inner skirt steak independence day seeded fresh grown in georgia watermelon chicken leg quarters fresh picked produce grown in georgia peaches alway fresh 80% lean ground chuck 2°? imported red seedless grapes sel pofular viene chorizo del popular gruin whil great on the grilly chorizo argentinian red colossal raw shrimp el popular chorizo hot or mild hass lan pete's smoked sausage 100% pure angus beu burgers douillesrusade six la burgers imported hass small avocados klement's sausage pete's market angus beef burgers imported small knob onions imported round tomatoes franks ball park не bun sizerunes as hamburg buns mine french noche rolls rolls ball park franks excluding beef turano french or brioche hot dog or hamburger earthbound earthbound savings in every aisle üghtlife lghtlife sausage ground dogan spring mek plant-based plant-based hamburger usda organic hot dog earthbound farm organic salads imported bananas buns hamburger or hot dog plant based protein or italian sausage poorona extra gorona ton furun extra since lala cerveza corona extra since cervuta fina jumbo tupefia grown in usa cantaloupe or imported honeydew honeycrisp apples grown in washington 99.65 kraft kraft batural chrest la lays triscuit mozzarella lay's potato chips sharp cheddar kraft cheese nabisco crackers classic orginal hasker kraft cole craciun be cheese uns dean's mountain dew tropicana premium orange juice chocolate tropica tropicana dean's ice cream instacart we now deliver! check us out on osth mad

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