Western Beef Weekly Ad Circular - valid 01/13-01/19/2021

all trails lead to savings! this week's 낍 sun 7 am to 9 pm mon-sat 7 am to 10 pm senior discount military discount sale wes ern beef 10% off 10% off meat & produce entire order tuesdays only 7 am - 5pm - not to be combined with any other discounts fresh boneless flap meat fresh boneless pork chop fresh f.v.p chicken drumstick f.v.p fresh fresh boneless chicken breast cutlet coulottes fresh great for lasagna! ground $149 chuck e.v.p fresh fresh boneless new york strip steak f.v.p pork italian sausage sweet or hot f.v.p bag! purple eggplant florida juice oranges fresh florida strawberries fresh mexican hass avocados dole pineapple tropicole gold wow! nina crushed or peeled tomatoes deli soud nina all purpose original taste coca-cola coca-cola specials boca only! boar’s head oven gold turkey breast original taste nina shed tomatoes dn tomato puree coca-col assorted 2 liter pomodori pelati italian pontoor your choice! limit 2 offers per shopping family boca only! ara real vegetable or canola oil bag! boar's head domestic swiss cheese riceland long grain rice reac riceland riceland arroz enriquecido corn oil extra long grain with an additional $30 purchase net wt 20 fresh baked assorted kaiser rolls "limit 1 with an additional $30 purchase haagen dazs ice cream tropicana assorted assorted 14 oz berry punch tropical punch häagen-dazs fresh baked fruit topped cheese cake woodstos dengas nats strawberry ravurediku hverage estos limit 2 with an additional $30 purchase tue jan wed thu fri sat sun mon please visit our website westernbeef.com facebook wb & the cactus logoare registered atm machines available

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