Aldi vs Walmart: Which One is cheaper?

When you are looking to save money on your next grocery trip, every detail matters. Every budget shopper looks out for Walmart and Aldi prices. These shops are hot spots for good deals and affordable items. Why choose other locations when you know that these stores carry the most economical numbers. Because of their manufacturing and partnerships, they are able to provide their customers with prices that make their wallets happy. Both stores are dedicated to keeping their prices low, and it has become a big part of their marketing strategy. Some consumers shop at each of the stores for different products because they believe that they each have their own advantages. This is true. One store is not necessarily better than the other because they both have items that are priced lower than their competitor. It is hard to beat Aldi and Walmart grocery prices, but who really has the better prices, Aldi or Walmart? Let’s take a look at the Aldi vs Walmart competition once and for all.
Aldi vs Walmart: Which One is cheaper?

Aldi vs Walmart Competitive Advantage

Aldi and Walmart of course have many differences and competitive advantages against one another. Walmart provides grocery bags free of charge. At Aldi, customers need to pay for grocery bags, bring their own reusable bags, or carry their items out in a box. This can be an advantage or disadvantage. Many customers like the ease of getting grocery bags at a store. However, Aldi’s claim is that it is not good for the environment. This way, consumers feel as though they are being more environmentally-friendly when shopping at Aldi’s. Walmart also allows its customers to use shopping carts without a deposit. At Aldi, a twenty-five-cent deposit is required when checking out a cart.

Aldi vs Walmart produce section is also different. At Walmart, shoppers have the option of picking out individual produce and paying a price by weight. This method allows consumers to only buy what they need. At Aldi, consumers need to purchase a pre-packaged bag of produce and groceries. Even though the prices are low, they are still forced to potentially purchase more than they need. Nonetheless, each customer has their own preference for Aldi and Walmart groceries.

Which is Cheaper: Aldi vs Walmart?

What is the verdict of the Aldi vs Walmart 2021 pricing competition? Who has the lowest prices? To make an ultimate decision, we wanted to see which store really had the lowest prices for items that we buy often. We have put together a chart to analyze the prices of common grocery items. We chose items that could be found in most households in the United States. Take a look at the Walmart and Aldi price comparison chart below.

One gallon of milk4.452.58
One loaf of bread0.790.88
One pound of bananas0.490.56
One dozen eggs0.880.98
One pound of boneless chicken breast1.251.78
16 oz packet of pasta0.850.82
24 oz jar of tomato sauce0.950.88
One pound of ground beef1.992.66
32 oz of ground coffee5.195.18
One gallon of juice3.503.43
One packet of cheese2.191.98
14 oz can of diced tomatoes0.550.46
2-liter bottle of soda0.751.25
One box of cereal1.452.96
Bottle of olive oil2.192.52

After adding everything together, Aldi ended up being cheaper by less than $1.50. This tells us that their prices are ultimately comparable. When looking at the chart, you can see that some of the items were cheaper at Aldi and other items were cheaper at Walmart. If you truly want to save the most money, you should analyze the prices of the items that you are looking to by beforehand. Check out Aldi prices vs Walmart prices and shop at both stores for their respective items. This way you can save the most on your entire grocery list.

Walmart and Aldi products: Quality and Taste

When it comes to Aldi vs Walmart, quality is an aspect that we shouldn’t forget about. Most people know that most products at Aldi are listed at low prices. At Walmart, you can find products at a large range of prices. You have the choice of purchasing their better quality products at a higher price. If you purchase Walmart products that are priced the lowest, they will likely be comparable to the products you find at an Aldi.

If you’re looking for higher quality in your next shopping list, you can find these products at Walmart, but you will need to sacrifice for a higher price. The choice is yours. If you are sticking strictly to low prices, the quality and taste from Aldi vs Walmart grocery shopping will probably be very similar. However, consumers themselves have different taste preferences and typically like one product over another. Be your own judge!

Aldi store

Store Locations and Working Hours

Walmarts and Aldis are very popular stores. They both started small at some point but are now all over the country and internal. Aldi was originally a German company that eventually came to the United States as it became successful. Walmart started here in the United States and eventually migrated to other countries. Now, there are over eleven thousand stores of each brand. This means that there are over twenty-two thousand Walmarts and Aldis combined. Because there are so many, these stores are quite accessible to the general public.

The hours of these stores change depending on the location. Many Walmart market hours are actually twenty-four hours. However, due to COVID-19, hours have changed to account for cleaning services. Before you take your next shopping trip, make sure to check out the hours for your local Walmart or Aldi. Websites are a great place to check all of this information out. You can find the Aldi price lists, Walmart prices, and much more.

Customer Service

Aside from supermarket price comparisons, there are many other aspects to consider when comparing the stores. You should take a look at Customer Service. Both stores are well-known for their amazing customer service departments. Since the companies are so large, they are able to dedicate a large team to help their customers solve any issues. Both stores have numbers online and on their website that you can call. A representative will assist you and make sure your problem is completely solved.

Aldi and Walmart have actually both won national awards in their customer service and customer satisfaction. You can be sure that if you shop at either of these two stores, amazing staff will be able to help you out. Since both stores have an equally good program, there is no winner in this category. Or, they can both be considered winners due to their service towards their customers.


Lucky for you, Walmart and Aldi both have their own delivery service. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this makes life easier for many people because they do not even need to leave their own houses. Walmart offers same-day grocery delivery to many locations across the country. There is a small delivery fee attached to this as workers will shop and deliver the groceries for you. However, if you choose to become a Walmart member for only two dollars per month, you can have unlimited grocery deliveries without a delivery charge. If this is something you do often, it might be worth investing in the membership.

Aldi has a grocery delivery service as well powered by Instacart. With Instacart, you can schedule your grocery delivery anytime you want. This can be the same day, or it can be an alternative day. This helps you plan ahead and get your tasks completed on time. Grocery shopping doesn’t have to be a chore! You can get Aldi grocery store prices in the comfort of your own house.


Aldi vs Walmart: Ads and sales

If you are looking for good deals check out the weekly ad for these stores. You can find the Aldi weekly ad online and check to see what is on sale this week. The Walmart store ad also has many sales that can help you save money on your next grocery trip. They can help you determine what to buy at Aldi or Walmart. Be a conscious shopper and use the ads to your advantage.


When you compare Aldi and Walmart’s prices, it is clear that they are very similar. Each store has its own perks that customers should be aware of. At the end of the day, it all comes down to the customers’ preferences. Some people prefer one store, some prefer the other, and some prefer to shop at both to save the most. Do some research for yourself to figure out which store you like better.